Amesbury Seventh-day Adventist Church


Come, bring friends, and find out what Sabbath in Amesbury is all about........

You need to come in person to truly experience what is happening in our church. Having a full, 24 hour period dedicated to Jesus each week gives us time to develop that relationship. Though somewhat few in number, we have an active, growing church, with well attended meetings at least three times per week: (see Calendar for details). Our weekly Sabbath service, which begins at 11am, is preceded by a lively discussion of spiritual topics in Adult Sabbath School. Children's Sabbath School runs at the same time. Worship is the focus and centerpiece of our week. Currently, it is aired each Wednesday on the local community station, channel 9, at 5pm.

Feel free to return to this website every day to engage in our daily devotional and see what is new on our calendar.

Explore new articles about family and health in Family First and Staying Young. If you enjoy great art take a look at ScripShot a photographic perspective of the world we live in with a Biblical reference.
Want to be involved? There are a lot of opportunities to share your talents as a part of one of the ministries of our church.
We hope that you will join us for worship on Sabbath (Saturday) morning or can attend one of the many other activities listed on our calendar.

One Connection & Fresh Bread November 21. Support our church PLANT! The One Connection in Lawrence: 198 S. Broadway 3pm
Join us for our classic "Fresh Bread Lunch" after the 11am service in Amesbury. Then gear up to bring a friend to the One Connection. Find The One Connection on Facebook for more info about innovative, small group based, community service oriented Christianity.

"The Lamb Wins!" Came Back in the area June 6, 7pm @ Portsmouth Seventh-day Adventist Church, 861 Middle Road, Portsmouth NH.

The groundbreaking new sacred creation came up from Philadelphia and Portsmouth will never be the same again. The Book of REVELATION in Music and in Verse. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, and Lee G brought  us the Lesser Light Collective's special production (see Youtube: The Lamb Wins, A Thousand Years)
Contact LeeG on facebook for more information.